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Porting weapons from Apex Legends to Black Ops 3

Introduction & Prerequisites

Porting a weapon from Apex Legends to Black Ops 3 is a bit more complicated then porting weapons from older CoD games. This tutorial will cover everything on the Maya side only. If you are struggling setting everything up in APE first it is suggested that you port weapons from old games first until you understand APE better. Any problems feel free to message me on discord at: Thomas Cat#7648 or on Twitter.

The basic workflow of obtaining and converting the Apex Legends assets:

  • Dump the games assets
  • Collect the required assets
  • Fix and Export the View Model
  • Create and Export a World Model
  • Setting up the Conversion Rig
  • Convert and Fix ADS Animations
  • Convert Normal Animations
  • Create and Convert Broken Animations

Dumping the games assets

It is paramount that you read the instructions given to you on the Legion Wiki page before you attempt to rip assets. This will give you a understanding of the tool so you do not make any mistakes.

Go to where Apex Legends has been installed on your computer and navigate to paks\Win64\

Type cmd in the address bar at the top of the file explorer window in the Apex Legends directory.

Type this command: --exportmdl --imgfmt=tiff and drag in common.rpak.

Hit enter and wait for this process to finish.

When it has finished type --exportanim and drag in common.rpak.

Hit enter and wait for this process to finish.

NOTE: The game shouldn’t be open while doing this process and you shouldn’t need to export any other rpak file as common.rpak is where the weapons are stored.

Collecting the required assets

You should find the exported files under a folder called exported_files. I suggest creating a seperate folder for the weapon you want to port with subfolders for the models, anims, xanimbins, xmodelbins.

Go into the export folder for Legion and go into the models folder. Locate the weapon you want to port, usually has a atpov prefix, and store it somewhere safe.

Go back into the Legion export folder and go into the animations folder. Get the folder with the same name as the models you stored and store the animations somewhere safe, preferably in the same folder as the models.

Fixing and Exporting the View Model

Open a Maya window and drag in the SeModel file for your weapon.

Navigate to the Apex_Shortcuts Shelf.

Click Model. You will notice the weapon has now moved, scaled up and extra joints have been deleted.

Create a new Joint and move it to the muzzle of the weapon. Parent this joint under def_c_base and rename the joint to tag_flash. This is where the muzzle flash FX is going to be played.

Save this as a .MA in a safe space. This will be used for animations. Anything from this point on DO NOT SAVE

Delete the mesh of the attachments you do not wish to include in your weapon and, optionally, delete the joint it was binded to.

Rename def_c_base to tag_weapon.

Export this as the View Model.

NOTE: If you do not want to redo the steps below “DO NOT SAVE” then keep the Maya window open while working on the World Model.

Creating and Exporting the World Model.

Select all of the meshes and, making sure your on the Rigging tab, click Skin - Unbind Skin.

Select all of the Joints EXCEPT TAG_WEAPON and all of the Meshes.

Move the weapon so that the weapon is orientated correctly and the grip is in the centre with the trigger just above the grid.

Select tag_weapon + all of the meshes and, making sure your still on the Rigging tab, click the box next to Skin - Bind Skin. Make sure the settings are the same as the ones in this screenshot and then hit Apply

The world model is now completed and you can now export it and save the scene.

NOTE: If you want your world model to be perfect you can export a BO3 world model and use that to get the world model as close as possible.

Setting up the Conversion Rig

Open up the Apex Legends to Black Ops 3 Conversion Rig in Maya and drag the Viewmodel you saved onto it.

Making sure your still on the Apex_Shortcuts Shelf, click Attach.

The Conversion Rig is now setup for converting animations, you should now save the scene.

NOTE: IF you prefer to get a First Person view you can click the FPS button on the Apex_Shortcuts shelf to go into a FPS Perspective to preview what the weapon should look like ingame. If you want to get out of this view just double click the FPS button.

Converting and Fixing the ADS Animation

Drag in the ads_in_0 animation.

Click Bake in the Apex_Shortcuts Shelf.

Click ADS in the Apex_Shortcuts Shelf.

Export the animation as ads_up.

Tick the box Export Animation Reversed in the CodMayaTools window and then export the animation as ads_down.

NOTE: To speed things up there is a button on the Apex_Shortcuts shelf that says Tools which will take you straight to the Anim Export window.

Converting Normal Animations

To clarify, the animations you can export this way are:

  • draw_0
  • drawfirst_0
  • inspect_0
  • raise_0
  • reload_0
  • reload_empty_0
  • holster_0

Firstly, make sure to reload the Conversion Rig scene you created otherwise the animation will break.

Drag on the animation.

Click Bake in the Apex_Shortcuts Shelf.

Click Export in the Apex_Shortcuts Shelf.

Export the animation in CodMayaTools.

Creating and Converting Broken Animations

Idle Animations

Drag in draw_0 and follow the same method as Converting Normal Animations except don’t export it at the end.

Go to the last frame on the timeline. Example

Select Joints and click Select - Hierarchy.

Type in this box: cutKey.

Whatever the last number on the animation is, add 2 to it and type it into this box on the RIGHT.

Type what the last number of the animation was into the box to the LEFT of the box you just typed in.

Select tag_torso + tag_cambone and click Select - Hierarchy.

Export the animation.

Sprint Animations

Drag in sprint_0 and follow the same steps as Converting Normal Animations.

Use what you used for the pullout animation for sprint_in and what you used for the putaway animation for sprint_out


ThomasCat - Wrote the guide, Made the Conversion Rig

DtzxPorter - Legion, SeTools

Ray1235 - CodMayaTools

Scobalula - CodMayaTools

Respawn Entertainment - Assets