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Welcome to the Modme Wiki

An open-source community driven game modding wiki, founded by DTZxPorter, built for the community.


As you can see, we have started to migrate the old wiki contents here so that we can continue to provide an up-to-date and resource rich experience for modders. Please excuse the look of some pages while we revamp their contents!

  • Use the sidebar to browse the current wiki categories and from there, each page has the wiki posts below it.
  • Use the search bar above for extended content searching.
  • The links at the top-right serve as easy access to editing, creating new, and viewing the history of pages in the wiki.


  • The wiki is 100% community driven and most of the work was submitted by non-staff members of Modme.
  • All you need to contribute is a Github account and you’re good to go!
  • Edit or submit new pages from the /wiki subdirectory and make sure they are linked properly.
  • If a new game directory is required, please follow the current layout before making changes.
  • With all posts, try and follow the general layout that has been preserved throughout the wiki.