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Patch Call of Duty: World at War (Non-Steam)

If you own Call of Duty: World at War that isn’t a Steam copy, you have to manually update it to play the latest and greatest mods. The last released patch is version 1.7. The order that the patches are listed below is the same order you should use to install them.

  1. [[Patch v1.1 todo]]
  2. [[Patch v1.2 todo]]
  3. [[Patch v1.3 todo]]
  4. [[Patch v1.4 todo]]
  5. [[Patch v1.4.1 todo]] (German copies ONLY)
  6. [[Patch v1.5 todo]]
  7. [[Patch v1.6 todo]]
  8. [[Patch v1.7|todo]] (This is the final patch)

Installed all the patches? Then it looks like you’re ready to mod! Head on over to the Get Mods section of the client and download a map or mod to get started.