Modme Wiki

Installing the Modtools

If you own Call of Duty: World at War that isn’t a Steam copy, please make sure you’re up to date on version 1.7. If you aren’t please check out Patching Call of Duty: World at War. Please note you should install these patches in the order they are listed.

  1. Modtools Patch v1.0 (Mirror 1, Mirror 2)
  2. Modtools Patch v1.1 (Mirror 1, Mirror 2)
  3. Modtools Patch v1.2 (Mirror 1, Mirror 2)
  4. Modtools Patch v1.2.1 (Mirror 1, Mirror 2)
  5. Modtools Patch v1.3 (Mirror 1, Mirror 2)
  6. Modtools Patch v1.4 (Mirror 1)

  7. Installing the Patches To install the patches we highly recommend using 7-zip to extract the files you just downloaded. In the order you downloaded the files, copy and paste them to the root install directory of Call of Duty: World at War. When asked to overwrite files just say yes to all.
  8. Final Steps Once you’ve copied all the files, open the bin\Launcher.exe as Admin and run the converter using the button on the left hand side. It is very important to only run this once as doing it multiple times may corrupt files.

  9. Download a tutorial zombies map If you want a great starting point a user known as Sniperbolt made a great tutorial map for creating a zombies map with perks and pack a punch. The old download links are gone however I we have re-packaged it here: Download Tutorial Map