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Exporting An Animation For [Call of Duty] (Maya)

Pre-first step: Always make sure your CodMayaTools are up-to-date from this link: CodMayaTools

This tutorial goes over properly exporting an animation for the Call of Duty series in Maya.

NOTE: Please take your time while following the steps, you’ll likely encounter an error otherwise

This tutorial assumes you’ve already followed: Proper Import or have already created a custom animation.

Next follow these instructions in-order:

  • If you are exporting a weapon anim, continue below, otherwise skip to step 2
    • If you’re exporting an animation that is NOT an ads you need to select the tag_cambone and the tag_torso tags (as shown) {F2537}
    • Then go to Edit->Select Hierarchy
    • If you’re exporting an ads animation, you must select ONLY tag_view and tag_torso
    • If you’ve gotten here, skip to step 3.
  • This applies to none weapon animations, continue below
    • Select tag_origin or whatever root bone your model has
    • After selecting the proper joints go to Edit->Select Hierarchy to select the child bones (as shown) {F2539}
    • Continue to step 3
  • The file step is exporting the animation using CodMayaTools
    • Go to Call of Duty Tools->Export XAnim and you will be presented with the export menu.
    • First, you must enter in the end frame time, as shown below you can find that time here: {F2541}
    • Enter that in the second box from the top (Will be shown below)
    • Next, either use the Grab notes feature to get notetracks, or enter them in manually.
    • Finally select a path to save the file using the ... button. Below you’ll see a completed export window {F2543}
    • Click on Export Selection to save the animation.


  • DTZxPorter