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Zombie Lobby Size (18 Players)

Increasing the zombie lobby size

Increasing the lobby size will allow up to 18 player zombie lobbies.

NOTE: You will need to make changes to _zm.gsc and other core scripts to support the addition of more players.

Creating the modified file

Create a file in share\raw\ui\t7\utility\lobbyutility.lua

require("ui.t7.utility.lobbyutilityog") -- Ripped original file from Wraith

function Engine.GetLobbyMaxClients()
      Engine.SetDvar("sv_maxclients", 18)
      Engine.SetDvar("com_maxclients", 18)
      Engine.SetLobbyMaxClients(Enum.LobbyType.LOBBY_TYPE_GAME, 18)
      Engine.SetLobbyMaxClients(Enum.LobbyType.LOBBY_TYPE_PRIVATE, 18)
      return 18

This will allow 18 players to enter a game. When using this in a mod, you can just overwrite the file using:


NOTE: This is for a core_mod zone file

If you’re using this in a map, you will need to use csc to force load this using LuiLoad("ui.t7.utility.lobbyutility");

NOTE: This will not effect the player score display, the widget has a hardcoded 4 element setup, however, you can modify and create your own that supports more.

Please visit: LINK TO black_ops_3/intermediate/!!!!! to modify scripts


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