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Adding Perk Slots (SOE Base)

Adding perk slots to a Soe Hud Base

Adding perks to the hud with as little modification as possible will allow you to add custom perks while maintaining the original look and feel of the hud.

Preparing your base file

First, you must open up your t7hud_zm.lua base file and find the following line:


You must remove this line, as we will be including a custom one later.

Next, navigate to the following function:

function LUI.createMenu.T7Hud_zm(InstanceRef)

And find the line after the PreLoadCallback function. We are going to insert the following code below under that function call:

      -- Make sure that the list was not already setup, we must include the stock perks as well!
      if not CoD.ZMPerks then
          -- Add our perks (hudItems.perks.key = imageName) (sync with csc clientuimodel)
          CoD.ZMPerks =
              additional_primary_weapon = "specialty_three_guns_zombies",
              dead_shot = "specialty_ads_zombies",
              dive_to_nuke = "specialty_divetonuke_zombies",
              doubletap2 = "specialty_doubletap_zombies",
              juggernaut = "specialty_juggernaut_zombies",
              marathon = "specialty_marathon_zombies",
              quick_revive = "specialty_quickrevive_zombies",
              sleight_of_hand = "specialty_fastreload_zombies",
              tombstone = "specialty_tombstone_zombies",
              widows_wine = "specialty_widows_wine_zombies"
      -- Include the new perk container, and resume normal widget usage!

Getting the custom container

Download the following patched container: CustomPerks. You must place the downloaded file to:


Finally open up your maps zone file and add the following line to include the custom container:


NOTE: The custom container must end in *.luac because it is a precompiled file!

Final notes

Your hud modification is now complete and you may add as many slots as you like. You must make sure to register the perks in csc though as well just like the stock perks. See _zm_perks.gsh for the existing perk slot names.