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Stock Element List

Stock LUI elements (controls) you can use

Below is a list of all of the builtin controls that are available. They are all apart of the LUI namespace. Parent, Object: Instance)

This is the default ctor of all elements, when setting the parent, it tells the layout what to base the margins from.


This is the root of all UI elements. It is also very useful for a grid-like container and can house child controls with ease. If you are creating a new element, this is the control to override.


This element displays text on the hud. You can set the font color with setRGB. The font size is directly connected to the height of the control and will scale that way. The width however does not effect the drawing and will overflow if need be. You can also set the font with setTTF("fonts/font-name.ttf") using a font included in your zone via: ttf,fonts/font-name.ttf.


This element can display an image (2D) or a background color with setRGB. When using setImage you must use RegisterImage to register the image name in LUI. For instance, if you want to use the $white image, you would do setImage(RegisterImage("$white")) on the control. The UIImage control stretches the image to fit the width and height of the element.


This element functions like a UIImage however, it supports waiting for a streamed image to load in. On load, it displays a loading indicator Treyarch Spinner while waiting for the image. This element also exposes an event for the image being ready: streamed_image_ready(Sender, EventArgs)


This element allows stacking elements vertically. Controls added with addElement get added to the bottom of the list. In addition, you can use addSpacer to add a divider between the elements.


This element allows stacking elements horizontally. Controls added with addElement get added to the right of the list. In addition, you can use addSpacer to add a divider between the elements.


This element functions similar to a UIVerticalList however it also exposes a scrollbar for overflowing content (UIVerticalList does not scroll).


This element houses the base for a clickable control. It exposes events for hover, leave, click, mousedown and mouseup. It can be customized with other controls for a different look and feel.