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Overriding A Map Level Hud

To override the hud in a zombies map level you must use a different file name as you can’t override FILES at a zone level, however, Lua itself makes this easy.

Preparing your hud

First, you must still be using our factory hud base LUI.createMenu.T7Hud_zm_factory as a root function. However, this time we’re gonna give the file a different name. Instead of t7hud_zm_factory.lua, lets name it t7hud_zm_custom.lua.

Changing your zone entry

Now that you renamed the hud, rename your zone entry:


Loading our custom hud, overriding the giant hud

To load our custom hud we must open our, inside the main() function we must tell Lua to load our file:

function main()
          // Load our custom hud, at this point, the giant hud is already loaded, and we override the function!
          LuiLoad( "ui.uieditor.menus.hud.t7hud_zm_custom" );


	util::waitforclient( 0 );

That is all you need to override the hud from a map. Mods, however, can override any lua file.