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Dead Ops Arcade Mods

Modifying Dead Ops Arcade with mods

This will go over setting up a modification for dead ops arcade.

WARNING: This tutorial requires that you have L3akMod installed!

Setting up the mod

Create a new game mod, name it whatever, and build using the cp_mod setting in the launcher. Open up your and add the following lines:

// Override the file, providing us with a bootstrap for DOA

These names must be the same, and we will be modifying the contents later.

Getting the files

Download the following zip: DeadOpsArcade and extract the folder structure to the root of your install path.

Adding your own code

Find either or _doa_usermap.gsc and add whatever client script or server script code you would like. The init() function will be called as usual once you load the level. This code is providing a bootstrap around the exsiting game.

WARNING: It is important to keep the file names as the precompiled scripts are hardcoded! Add custom code to the _usermap file ONLY!

Final notes

The Dead Ops hud does not have the elements for iPrintLn so you can’t use prints for debugging, it is recommended that you override the t7hud_doa.lua file and create your own widgets for debugging.