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Adding Soul Chests To Your Map

Download: Everything You Need

Setting up in Radiant

  • Download the prefabs and other files and extract !!all except for the “USERMAPS - OPEN ME” folder and .zone file!! to your root directory ( Root directory is your Black Ops 3 install )
  • Now open your map in Radiant
  • Place your first soul chest, by creating a misc_prefab - the prefab you want to place is located at _prefabs/zm/harrybo21_prefabs/soul_chests/

You will not be able to see the radius it will work, unless you stamp the prefab. To do so, make sure the prefab is selected and right click -> Prefab -> Stamp Prefab

{F2501} {F2505}

  • Any Zombies killed by a player within this radius, will be ‘fed’ ( for lack of a better term ) to this soul chest
  • To adjust this radius, select the Orange Cube - Press ‘N’ on your keyboard, and edit the ‘Radius’ and ‘Angles’ KVPs


  • If you cant get to the Orange Cube because something is in your way, Select that something - and press 'H' to hide it. To unhide hidden objects, simply hold 'shift' and press 'H' again
  • Now, in the example, you can see that the radius of my chest goes through a wall. We don’t want Zombies on the other side of this wall to ‘feed’ the chest, so to prevent that
  • Create a trigger_multiple and cover the area you want to ‘exclude’ with the trigger


  • Now open its KVPs by having it selected and pressing ‘N’ on your keyboard
  • In the targetname kvp, give it this value:


This part of the soul chests radius will now be ‘ignored’ - you will want to do this to stop chests getting activated in other areas

You can copy paste this trigger as required

For multiple chests, you need only repeat these steps as required. Place the prefab, stamp it ( not ‘required’ per se, but you cant edit its radius without effecting ‘all’ unstamped prefabs, and will not be able to ‘see’ the radius in Radiant ) and place ‘excluder’ triggers as required

One final thing to do in Radiant now

As a reward, I have set the chests up for now to spawn a Ragnarok DG-4 at your desired location. Similar to the Annihilator with the ‘Fly Trap’ Easter Egg in ‘The Giant’

To define where the DG-4 will spawn when all the chests are completed, place a script_struct - give this one the targetname - dg4_spawn


This completes everything you need to do in Radiant. Remember, place as many chest prefabs as you want, and copy paste the excluder trigger as you require

Setting up in Script

  • First, go to your map folder, you will find this in root/usermaps/YOUR_MAP/
  • In the download, open the ‘usermaps - OPEN ME’ folder, and open the ‘YOUR_MAP’ folder
  • Drag the two folders into your map folder


  • Now open the scripts folder and open the zm folder
  • In here you will find a GSC and a CSC named the same as your map. Open the GSC
  • Under one of the other #using lines near the top of the script, add the following:
#using scripts\zm\_zm_soul_chests;


This is all that is ‘required’ for the script side of this tutorial, however there are some settings you may want to edit, or you may want to change the rewards for either completing one chest or one chests

If you open the _zm_soul_chests.gsh you will see the bottom section is some settings you can change as you see fit


To change any setting, you only need to change the number beside it

  • SOULCHEST_START_AMOUNT This is the amount of kills required to complete the first chest
  • SOULCHEST_START_ADD_AMOUNT This is the amount ‘added’ to the current amount each time a chest is completed increasing the requirement on the following chests. If you want the same amount required on each chest, set this to 0
  • SOULCHEST_TIMEOUT This is how long a chest will wait before closing and resetting its current collected ‘souls’ counter. Like in Origins, if there was a large delay between you killing zombies near the chest, it would close and reset. Just set some ludicrously high number if you want to stop it timing out, i havent bothered to make a way to disable it yet

Also, if you have some basic understanding of scripting, you can easily change the rewards, open the _zm_soul_chests.gsc

You’ll see these two sections


The top function, is what will happen each time a chest is completed, i set it up to give all players 500 points, and spawn a random powerup for now ( This function will not occur on the last chest )

The bottom function is what will happen when ‘all chests’ are completed, I set it to give all players 1000 points, spawn a power up and spawn the Ragnarok DG-4

Changing these rewards, if you understand a little scripting, is fairly easy to do. Just remember the variable ‘origin’ is the location of the chest that was completed

Setting up the Sounds

There is currently only 2 sounds anyway, a open and a close sound. None the less, to set these up, go to root/usermaps/YOUR_MAP/sound/zoneconfig/

You will find a SZC file with your maps name. Open this in any text editor

Find this section ( Be aware that the copy of the SZC we are originally given is horribly formatted )

"Sources" : [
	"Type" : "ALIAS",
	"Name" : "user_aliases",
	"Filename" : "user_aliases.csv",
	"Specs" : [ ] 

add this under it, its pretty much copy paste with the name and filename changed

	"Type" : "ALIAS",
	"Name" : "soul_chests",
	"Filename" : "soul_chests.csv",
	"Specs" : [ ] 


Assuming you have done this correctly, the sounds will now be working after you next ‘link’ the map

Adding the assets to your Zone File

To open your zone file, either navigate to it root/usermaps/YOUR_MAP/zone_source/ - or just right click your map in launcher, and select !!Edit Zone File!!

At the bottom of the file, add the following:


Ok, so assuming you’ve followed these steps exactly - you now just need to recompile your map and link in launcher. Now go test your super awesome Soul Chests!


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