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Creating A Custom Craftable

Download: Everything you need


  • Download the files and extract them into your root directory ( Root directory is your Black Ops 3 install )

Step 1: Setting the scripts up

  • Add the GSC, CSC and GSH to root/usermaps/YOUR_MAP_NAME/scripts/zm/craftables/
  • Open the GSH, GSC and CSC and replace the references to new ones
  • Open your mapname GSC and CSC from root/usermaps/YOUR_MAP_NAME/scripts/zm/ and add:
#using scripts\zm\craftables\_zm_craft_template;

Step 2: Add to your zone

  • Right click your map in launcher and click Edit Zone File
  • Add the following:

Step 3: Radiant

  • Place the prefabs in your map map_source/_prefabs/zm/harrybo21_prefabs/craftables/

Step 4: Compile and Test

  • In Launcher, tick Compile and link then click Build

NOTE: When you add your models and shaders to the gsh properly, you will also need to add them to your zone:

  • You can copy paste this template as many times as you like to create more craftables


  • Harry Bo21
  • DTZxPorter