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Setting Up Zones

Setting up in Radiant

You will have something like this example, which has 2 zones:


You need to select a info_volume from the entity browser:


Cover your zone, but keep to the walls - you do not want these intersecting with other zones. If you cannot cover your entire zone, don’t worry for now. After you’ve set the KVPs on the volume, you can copy and paste it as many times as needed to cover your entire zone.


You’ll need to give the info_volume some KVPs now. targetname can be anything unique. For your first zone, choose start_zone as that’s already set up in the mod tools.

Also give it a new KVP - target with the value being the targetname of your spawners for this zone. Either that, or select the zone, then the spawners, and press W (in that order).

It will also need the KVP script_noteworthy - player_volume.


If you were not able to cover your zone fully, you may now copy and paste the volume and shape it so you can.

Repeat the process to create another zone, but also copy and paste a zombie spawn point, and change its KVPs to create spawners for the new zone.


Make sure the new zone is targeting these new spawners.


Setting up in script

Open your mapname gsc and find this:

function usermap_test_zone_init()
	level flag::init( "always_on" );
	level flag::set( "always_on" );

Remove the two flag lines.

Now you need to add your zones using the following command:


So, for our example, it would appear as this:

function usermap_test_zone_init()
	zm_zonemgr::add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone",		"zone_1",		"open_zone_1" );

First zone is the zone player is in. Second zone is the zone to be activated Script flag is any string, that you will use later on your door blocker to activate the zone.


This is all you need to do to set up the zones, however we haven’t covered actually activating it. We would use a door to enter it and thus activate it. Doors are covered here

NOTE: Although we have created a second zone, I believe because it’s inactive you will still die by entering it.


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