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Setting Up Teleporters

Setting up in Radiant

  • Download the prefabs and scripts then extract to root/map_source (PREFABS / SCRIPTS).
  • Place at least one of all included prefabs that should now be in root/map_source/_prefabs/zm/harrybo21_prefabs/. Extract the scripts into root/usermaps/YOUR MAP NAME/scripts/zm/

There are 6 prefabs: the three teleporters, the mainframe, a ‘black box room’ that the players are moved to for a short time while teleporting (this MUST be covered by a zone - but out of sight - you can have another copy of your starting zone covering this) and a Pack-a-Punch cage prefab, which is optional and is what blocks your access to the Pack-a-Punch until the teleporters are activated on The Giant.

Setting up in script

Open your mapname.gsc and find this:

#using scripts\zm\_zm_ai_dogs;

Underneath it put this:

#using scripts\zm\zm_giant_teleporter;
  • Do the same in your
  • Open your maps .zone (right click your map in launcher and click Open Zone File).

Add this to the bottom:


Recompile and test your map.


  • Harry Bo21
  • DTZxPorter