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Setting Up Mystery Box Weapons

With everything you do script wise, it is always a good idea to backup your scripts.

  • Take your time - you only have to to the first part once, after that for new mods and maps it’s very simple and adaptable!
  • First, go to BlackOps3Root/share/raw/gamedata/weapons/zm/ and make a copy of zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv, name it something like zm_test_weapons.csv.

NOTE: This will be your map / mod specific weapons list. You may add or remove lines in this file to include them. The first two columns are normal weapon file, upgraded weapon file, and the 10th column is whether it’s included in the box or not.

  • After you’re done, save and close this file.
  • Next open up zm_usermap.gsc in BlackOps3Root/share/raw/scripts/zm.

Find all references to:

load_weapon_spec_from_table("gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv", 1);

Change the csv name to the name you gave the csv earlier:

load_weapon_spec_from_table("gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_test_weapons.csv", 1);
  • Repeat this step in, and YOUR_MAP_NAME.gsc.
  • You’ve now made it easier to modify weapons for multiple mods!

Last step, open up your file, add the following entries to it:

// Custom box weapons
stringtable,gamedata/weapons/zm/zm_test_weapons.csv // Whatever name you gave your csv and referenced in the 4 scripts
// Custom usermap modifications
scriptparsetree,scripts/zm/zm_usermap.gsc // Only if you do not already have this in this file elsewhere
scriptparsetree,scripts/zm/ // Only if you do not already have this in this file elsewhere
  • Your new weapons.csv should appear in game now.

NOTE: From now on, you just have to make a copy of the weapons.csv, going this route keeps things clean and easy. To have a different set of weapons of a different map, simply have another csv with another name and change the references to it again in those 4 scripts ( zm_usermap.gsc,, and YOUR_MAP_NAME.gsc ) we changed in the tutorial.


  • DTZxPorter
  • Harry Bo21