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Setting Up A Proper Power Switch

Setting up in Radiant

Download the prefabs and extract to root/map_source (PREFABS).

Place the new power switch prefab (delete any old one you might have).

Select your sun_volume. You’ll see there are 4 sets of light state KVPs. You probably only have one set up. Set at least the first 2 up (use the same SSI if you don’t want the game lighting to change).


Setting up in script

Open your mapname gsc and find the function zm_usermap::main();

Inside it put it put this:

// Power Lights
thread power_lights();

At the end of your script add this:

function power_lights()
	level flag::wait_till( "power_on" );
	level util::set_lighting_state( 0 );
	level flag::wait_till( "power_off" );
	level util::set_lighting_state( 1 );

Then recompile and test your map.


  • Harry Bo21
  • DTZxPorter