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Setting Up Respawn Points

Download: Everything You Need

  • These are the points players can respawn in co-op games ( Or via my the Who’s Who perk in Harrybo21’s Perks )
  • When a player respawns at the start of a round, the game will pick a location from these points - that is close to another player, so they wont keep respawning way back at the beggining


  • Download the files and extract them into your root directory ( Root directory is your Black Ops 3 install )
  • This is the required prefab


  • Place and stamp the prefab in your zone
  • Select the center struct and open the KVPs ( press N )
  • Change the script_noteworthy KVP to the zones targetname
  • Repeat for whatever zones you want the players to be able to respawn in
  • That is all for radiant

You are DONE

Ok, so assuming you’ve followed these steps exactly - you now just need to recompile your map and link in launcher. Now go test!


  • Harry Bo21
  • DTZxPorter