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Setting Up Player Voices (Der Eisendrache)

Download: Everything You Need


  • Open the download, and copy all the files to your root directory
  • This will add all the sounds and aliases that you need to your mod tools


  • Open your mapname.gsc
  • Find this line:
  • Underneath add the following :
level thread zm_castle_vox();
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the script and add this at the bottom !!not inside any other function!!
function zm_castle_vox()

Add the required files to your Zone file:

  • Open your maps Zone file ( right click your map in launcher and select Edit Zone File )
  • Anywhere near the bottom add this :

Setting up the Sounds:

  • Go to root/usermaps/YOUR_MAP/sound/zoneconfig/
  • You will find a SZC file with your maps name. Open this in any text editor
  • Find this section ( Be aware that the copy of the SZC we are originally given is horribly formatted )
"Sources" : [
	"Type" : "ALIAS",
	"Name" : "user_aliases",
	"Filename" : "user_aliases.csv",
	"Specs" : [ ] 
  • add this under it, its pretty much copy paste with the name and filename changed
    "Type" : "ALIAS",
    "Name" : "zm_castle_vox",
    "Filename" : "zm_castle_vox.csv",
    "Specs" : [ ] 

You are DONE

Ok, so assuming you’ve followed these steps exactly - Link in launcher. Now go test!


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