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Setting Up Faller Zombies

Download: Everything You Need



  • Download the files and extract them into your root directory ( Root directory is your Black Ops 3 install )


  • Create a spawn point as normal ( or copy paste a existing riser ), but instead of riser_location you will use faller_location - everything else remains the same
  • Make sure the spawn struct is halfway in a ceiling, do not turn it upside down or anything

That is all for radiant

You are DONE

Ok, so assuming you’ve followed these steps exactly - you now just need to recompile your map and link in launcher. Now go test!

Die Rise Elevator Spawners


I found the animations for the zombies crawling in the elevator shafts from Black Ops 2s Die Rise are also set up in the script. So I ported those in too.

The emerge_top prefab is a zombie swinging in from above a doorway ( in Die Rise they swung down into open elevator doors ) align the traverse brush so the bottom lines up with the top of your doorway

The emerge_bottom prefab is a zombie crawling up into a doorway ( in die rise they crawled up into open elevator doors ) align the traverse brush so the top lines up with the bottom of your doorway

The drop_now are like regular fallers, but they emerge almost instantly and drop straight down, just place them anywhere in a ceiling like the others

The drop_not_occupied is the same but these ones will only spawn here if a player is not currently in that zone, but is in a adjacent zone ( not sure why they needed this but i included it anyway )

The prefabs are located at map_source/_prefabs/zm/harrybo21_prefabs/faller_zombies

For all these prefabs, make sure to stamp them, then give the struct the targetname like normal ( eg start_zone_spawners )


  • Harry Bo21
  • DTZxPorter