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Import Models From Call of Duty Games

Exporting models:

  • First export your model with Wraith, which can be found here. (Tutorial for Wraith can be found here)

Creating XMODEL_EXPORT through Maya:

  • Open the newly created .MA file in Maya, and if needed apply the bindfile (.mel) generated by Wraith.
  • Using CODMayaPlugin, export your scene.
  • CODMayaPlugin can be downloaded here.
  • Select your meshes and joints, and go to Select > Select Hierarchy.
  • Go to Call of Duty Tools > Export XModel.
  • Select where to export, and what to name your export by pressing the ..., and press Export Selected.
  • This will create an .XMODEL_EXPORT file, you’re now done in Maya.

Converting models:

  • Download Kronos, which can be found here.
  • Black Ops III uses XMODEL_BIN compared to previous installations, where XMODEL_EXPORT was used, so it’ll need to be converted.
  • Drag and drop your XMODEL_EXPORT onto the MODELS tab to create an XMODEL_BIN:


  • Copy your newly created XMODEL_BIN into BO3root\model_export.

Importing model into APE:

  • Open APE (Asset Property Editor).
  • Go to File > New GDT and give an appropriate name.
  • Right click the newly created GDT and select New Asset.
  • Give the appropriate name, and select xmodel as asset type.


  • Under the entry properties for your newly created asset, find LODs and under LOD0 press ....
  • Locate your XMODEL_BIN to set the file path. For example: modme_tutorial\t6_wpn_zmb_raygun2_upg_view_LOD0.XMODEL_BIN.
  • In the preview window your model will appear with a blue and green texture, this means it's missing a texture.
  • You’ll need to create Materials, which is covered here (coming soon).

Easily create materials for your model:

  • While viewing your xmodel entry, you can easily create the missing materials by pressing New Image:


  • And that’s it! If you’ve done everything correctly, your model should appear with proper textures, just like this one!



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