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Wraith Sphinx - Advanced game access module for Wraith tools

For when Anti-Cheat tries to interfere with Wraith’s access to a game


WraithSphinx is a module that will ship with certain Wraith tools to allow Wraith higher-level access to a game when some form of an Anti-Cheat gets in the way. The Sphinx module will insert itself into a process allowing Wraith direct access to the game.

Warnings and Disclaimer

As with all Wraith tools, they are provided AS-IS without warranty. In addition, everything is use at your own risk. That being said, games which require the use of the Sphinx module have a higher chance of getting you banned, due to the nature of how it works. While we haven’t seen anyone targeting Sphinx directly, it could still be an issue and you have been warned!


You will most likely need to add an exception to your Anti-Virus for WraithSphinx*.dll so that it doesn’t interfere with the execution. This is normal as most Anti-Virus’s would detect it as potentially bad, due to the way it works, however this is a false-positive.